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SCENEgineering has a fully equipped workshop and associated engineers who are delighted to offer services in their sector to those who can make use of them as part of their operations. These services include:-

CNC Design Studio and 3m x 2m CNC Milling

We have both 2D and 3D design studios able to take your design in any format from hand drawn sketch up to cad drawings and mill your piece from any suitable material including timber, plastic and aluminium. Our charge for these services is very transparent and we are happy for you to come in and work with our engineer to produce your work. If can demonstrate a good working knowledge of CNC operation, we are also happy to hand the keys over to you to allow you to mill your own pieces, should you wish to keep costs low.

Scenic Art Studio

We have a fully equipped scenic art studio and can produce any small or large format painted scene or prop in our workshop. We also have spray facilities if that suits better.

Spray Paint Booth

We have a fully equipped spray paint booth and can produce high gloss finishes on a variety of materials. Costs are based on paint and number of hours so are very flexible. Subject to availability, we are also happy to allow you to use the facility yourselves, should you have the appropriate skills and ability.

Joinery Workshop

We have a fully equipped joinery shop and carpenters. Our head carpenter has his background in cabinet making so attention to detail is high. Please contact us with your requirements and we can establish what combination of CNC and joinery is appropriate for your job.

Scenic Flats

We have a stock of 8×4 and 10×4 scenic flats available for hire in both canvas, wool serge and MDF/Ply. We are also happy to manufacture flats for sale in Hollywood or Broadway style and in a variety of structural grades from traditional 3×1 lightweigh flattage to more robust 3×2 redwood of 3×2 fire rated CLS. Please contact us with your requirements.

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